Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Closure

Hello! Hello! Welcome to my post about my last weekend in June which was interesting. My weekend began on Thursday of course with a nice subtle opening show to the Deon Cole weekend. This will be short because no one needs an old long, drawn out story when I know you only want to see the pics. LOL. Saturday of this weekend was the only night I went out after the show. Deon Cole wanted to go out so I brought him with me and some other comedians (Ambrose Jones III and AC) met us there too along with good ole Kenneth. It was also my first night working alongside newly recruited model Addrea for the nightlife team. So without further ado, here's the life in photos.

 Friday Night Fit

Comedian AC & Charlotte
Funnyman Prescott, Deon Cole, Mike Sr.

Big Bills & Deon Cole

Kenneth & Deon Cole

Comedian Ambrose Jones III & Deon Cole

Comedian Greg Henderson (@unknwncomic) & Deon Cole

Deon Cole (@deoncole) & I after his final show on Sunday night

Ice Bar for Icesome Down Saturdays

Addrea and I 
#MafiaModels #BoutThatNightlife

Addrea at Ice Bar

Funnyman Prescott, Supermodel Dominique, & Deon Cole, Mike Sr., Comedian AC


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