About Me

     With a passion for entertaining, Dominique Hudson, professionally known as Supermodel Dominique, has covered a variety of fields from acting to music to modeling. After creating a name for herself in the marketing world through successfully representing dozens of popular and breakthrough brands, Supermodel Dominique looks to venture back into her pursuit of mainstream modeling. "By assisting with other people's careers behind the scenes in the music and model industry, I feel that I've gained a certain amount of clarity about the reality of the business. So, I hope that inspires better decisions on my behalf when it comes to working with individuals and companies," says Hudson. Supermodel Dominique has been nominated for a total of 6 entertainment awards including model of the year and other business awards for Southern Entertainment Awards and Knocdown Awards. She has also received awards for dance and cheerleading and has acted in several plays which afforded her the opportunity to perform in a filmed play at the Memphis Orpheum Theatre. Supermodel Dominique is known for experimenting with her many functional, yet eccentric ideas. Receiving rave reviews from clients, she has managed to attain repeat business making her the perfect model for your next project.

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