Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tim Bachus' BDay Week

Yeah...so I couldn't stay in and miss the whole week of Tim's birthday celebration. So here are a few recaps from some of his 5 events. Shout out to all of nightclubs and restaurants that hosted.

Tim and I at T.G.I. Friday's 
Winchester Location
Cocktails & Karaoke

Me, Tim, Adah

with Chef Hudson 

Tim at LOVE 
Photo by Carl Smith 

 My Chi shorty was in town, Lisha
Mister P's Hacks Cross

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Friday, November 21, 2014


Hello again! Last Thursday, I traveled to Nashville with my girl, Model Honey to support her in her role in the ABC TV Series Nashville.  The journey was pretty interesting and makes for a decent short story. We arrived an hour and twenty minutes before call time and they had a plethora of tasteless breakfast buffet available to actors and crew. I was a little disappointed in that. Eww! I know people say pretty food doesn't taste good, but can we compromise somewhere. Most of the food was just plain nasty but the biscuits seemed like something to feed someone just so they know they ate because they were completely tasteless. I've never witnessed anything like that, but I was satisfied with the Ocean Spray Cranberry juice. The bottled water even lacked.

But doesn't it look nice? Well those Craisins were mighty tasty, but I also have a slight obsession with them.

     After breakfast, however, I learned that I couldn't be on set unless they used me as an actress, so I was offered a role myself. I accepted, but after getting to this beautiful mansion and realizing that I could be just as cool sitting in the house compared to shooting outdoors where it was snowing, I opted for that role instead by remaining lowkey. I was so sleepy after driving to Nashville on no sleep the night before that just seemed like the perfect thing for me to do. So I moved to the fireplace and got snug after drinking my hot chocolate that was given to me. After the filming and my mini nap, we visited TSU. That was my first visit there and I think I was just as out of place as I've been on any college campus, but those students seemed a lot more...I don't even know the word but I was just on a campus last year working a tour. Anyway, we traveled to Murfreesboro after that and then headed back to Memphis only to find ourselves with car issues trapped only an hour and a half away from the Memphis borderline. After spending hours stuck at a nearby exit in Jackson, TN, I got hungry again and ordered Denny's. This is the second time I've had their food and it wasn't appeasing to my appetite, but it wasn't horrible so I guess I won't complain. It was about 2:30am before we made it back to Memphis and I was dreadfully missing my toddler, but I still wouldn't get to see her until after sunrise because I didn't want to disturb her by picking her up and bringing her out into the freezing cold. I can feel the weather just thinking about it. I was getting a headache from the weather but then I would have hot flashes. I was miserable and honestly glad to get home even though I didn't get much sleep until the next evening since I had an event to look forward to. 
      However, we survived and here are a few good photos from the trip. I hope you enjoy! Until next time, please follow me on Twitter and IG @supermodeldom. I'm also on Facebook. SD on FB

Riding on a school bus heading to set with Honey. It's been years since I've been on one. Still the same.

Exterior of the house
This is the character Deacon's house on the show 

 Chilling on set prior to my nap

The kitchen

Beautiful vaulted ceiling right above the dining table

The warm fireplace

Leaving after filming

Just because it's a long way down LOL
Oh and I love my boots!

Two actors (on the outside) talking to one of the producers about the show

My hot chocolate

 Oh, and please believe I didn't leave without my lemonade. #Fave

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Great Sleepover

     Well, well, well! Looks like my tasks have evolved! I was asked to help my friend out this weekend with her sleepover for her daughter's 8th birthday party and I did pretty well surviving witha bundle of little girls I didn't know. This was also my daughter's first time attending a sleepover but I must say it was a bit more hilarious on her end.
     I won't go into too much detail but it was fun. I learned that I wouldn't be having a sleepover for my daughter...ever. I don't have time. LOL. The struggle is too real for me. I already see the disaster in my head. I will assist in chaperoning again if requested since I survived. It was super noisy and then once everyone got quiet and went to sleep, my daughter and I were too much alike because we were ready to go home. It was peaceful and quiet minus my little one which was now disturbing MY peace with her continuous escape route. She decided in the middle of the night that she was hungry again and wanted to watch cartoons. Then she decided that the party was now boring because there was nothing for her to do. So she kept saying, "let's go home. No one will miss us. You can lock the door yourself. First, you can sneak the bags out and then come back and get me. No one will notice we're gone. They're all sleep. Please. Let's go! It's boring! I'll go first and then you come." Her escape methods were getting worse by the minute, but it was hilarious listening to the scenario. But I know she enjoyed herself overall and that's what matters.
     So of course we took plenty of photos. I don't post photos of people's children on the internet so you'll only see the ones of them with their masks on. Until next time...

She loves wearing masks. I can't count how many she actually has in her collection. 
Looking like Cindy Lou Who

So this little girl blows this horn in my daughter's ear

And then she turns around and says something to her
I'm so glad she's willing to defend herself  and proud of myself for my patience.

So they did a little photo shoot and here are her poses.

And here's one of her and a party attendee


My daughter and I did makeovers before the sleepover started and here are my photos. Her blue lipstick got lost in translation somewhere. 

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Life Happens

Well, hello first!
     It's such a shame that I don't blog as much as I'd like because I really do enjoy it and I guess someone might think I live an exciting life even if I do find it dreadful sometimes. After all, as far as I know, this is the only one I have. It seems I've gotten so caught up living that I haven't bothered to share. I don't expect a lot of readers anyway and I never know how personal I want to get until I type too much and say, "ooh, that was a lot. Why'd I mention that?"
      In all honesty though, I have a lot of flaws and they are a lot like my stretch marks. They look good on me. LOL But I guess I'll give you some kind of update on me. I've looked through the few photos I have left from the Summer and through all of the trials,tribulations, and things that were stolen from me, my memories are still with me so I wouldn't change it...unless of course I could. LOL But look at me still here through all of the BS that 98% of people around tried to use to break me. Oh, and the fake comfort provided from you with the ulterior motives, well let's just say, you might not have made things better, but you didn't make them worse.
Just thought I'd insert a recent smiling photo here 
since I was saying look at me now
(on the way to Maid of Honor duties)

      After being sick for nearly two months, I must say that I was eager to get back into the world and just...live. I honestly had never felt that way before and it was indeed the worst sickness I experienced, but I survived. I spent most of that time isolated just because I like being alone during sickness (minus having my little one around to play doctor). I did have two more people that I would have liked around during my sickness though. My mommy and one person who seemed not to care if I was ill or not! But anyway, here I am and I appreciate those that were there. So recently, Halloween passed and I'd like to show a few photos. Plus my bestie is getting married and maid of honor duties called. She looked so precious trying on wedding dresses and I'm just grinning like awww she's growing up. LOL 

     So until next time, enjoy these fun family pics as much as we enjoyed making them and make your own too. Toodles!

Bridal shop pics of myself

The Baddest Witch costume before leaving the house

Yep in my witch hat

My daughter and I 
LOL We made this photo together.
Silliness is bliss.

Looking at my bestie try on wedding dresses and thinking about food instead of candy for Halloween

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Closure

Hello! Hello! Welcome to my post about my last weekend in June which was interesting. My weekend began on Thursday of course with a nice subtle opening show to the Deon Cole weekend. This will be short because no one needs an old long, drawn out story when I know you only want to see the pics. LOL. Saturday of this weekend was the only night I went out after the show. Deon Cole wanted to go out so I brought him with me and some other comedians (Ambrose Jones III and AC) met us there too along with good ole Kenneth. It was also my first night working alongside newly recruited model Addrea for the nightlife team. So without further ado, here's the life in photos.

 Friday Night Fit

Comedian AC & Charlotte
Funnyman Prescott, Deon Cole, Mike Sr.

Big Bills & Deon Cole

Kenneth & Deon Cole

Comedian Ambrose Jones III & Deon Cole

Comedian Greg Henderson (@unknwncomic) & Deon Cole

Deon Cole (@deoncole) & I after his final show on Sunday night

Ice Bar for Icesome Down Saturdays

Addrea and I 
#MafiaModels #BoutThatNightlife

Addrea at Ice Bar

Funnyman Prescott, Supermodel Dominique, & Deon Cole, Mike Sr., Comedian AC


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