Monday, November 10, 2014

Life Happens

Well, hello first!
     It's such a shame that I don't blog as much as I'd like because I really do enjoy it and I guess someone might think I live an exciting life even if I do find it dreadful sometimes. After all, as far as I know, this is the only one I have. It seems I've gotten so caught up living that I haven't bothered to share. I don't expect a lot of readers anyway and I never know how personal I want to get until I type too much and say, "ooh, that was a lot. Why'd I mention that?"
      In all honesty though, I have a lot of flaws and they are a lot like my stretch marks. They look good on me. LOL But I guess I'll give you some kind of update on me. I've looked through the few photos I have left from the Summer and through all of the trials,tribulations, and things that were stolen from me, my memories are still with me so I wouldn't change it...unless of course I could. LOL But look at me still here through all of the BS that 98% of people around tried to use to break me. Oh, and the fake comfort provided from you with the ulterior motives, well let's just say, you might not have made things better, but you didn't make them worse.
Just thought I'd insert a recent smiling photo here 
since I was saying look at me now
(on the way to Maid of Honor duties)

      After being sick for nearly two months, I must say that I was eager to get back into the world and I honestly had never felt that way before and it was indeed the worst sickness I experienced, but I survived. I spent most of that time isolated just because I like being alone during sickness (minus having my little one around to play doctor). I did have two more people that I would have liked around during my sickness though. My mommy and one person who seemed not to care if I was ill or not! But anyway, here I am and I appreciate those that were there. So recently, Halloween passed and I'd like to show a few photos. Plus my bestie is getting married and maid of honor duties called. She looked so precious trying on wedding dresses and I'm just grinning like awww she's growing up. LOL 

     So until next time, enjoy these fun family pics as much as we enjoyed making them and make your own too. Toodles!

Bridal shop pics of myself

The Baddest Witch costume before leaving the house

Yep in my witch hat

My daughter and I 
LOL We made this photo together.
Silliness is bliss.

Looking at my bestie try on wedding dresses and thinking about food instead of candy for Halloween

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