Monday, November 10, 2014

The Great Sleepover

     Well, well, well! Looks like my tasks have evolved! I was asked to help my friend out this weekend with her sleepover for her daughter's 8th birthday party and I did pretty well surviving witha bundle of little girls I didn't know. This was also my daughter's first time attending a sleepover but I must say it was a bit more hilarious on her end.
     I won't go into too much detail but it was fun. I learned that I wouldn't be having a sleepover for my daughter...ever. I don't have time. LOL. The struggle is too real for me. I already see the disaster in my head. I will assist in chaperoning again if requested since I survived. It was super noisy and then once everyone got quiet and went to sleep, my daughter and I were too much alike because we were ready to go home. It was peaceful and quiet minus my little one which was now disturbing MY peace with her continuous escape route. She decided in the middle of the night that she was hungry again and wanted to watch cartoons. Then she decided that the party was now boring because there was nothing for her to do. So she kept saying, "let's go home. No one will miss us. You can lock the door yourself. First, you can sneak the bags out and then come back and get me. No one will notice we're gone. They're all sleep. Please. Let's go! It's boring! I'll go first and then you come." Her escape methods were getting worse by the minute, but it was hilarious listening to the scenario. But I know she enjoyed herself overall and that's what matters.
     So of course we took plenty of photos. I don't post photos of people's children on the internet so you'll only see the ones of them with their masks on. Until next time...

She loves wearing masks. I can't count how many she actually has in her collection. 
Looking like Cindy Lou Who

So this little girl blows this horn in my daughter's ear

And then she turns around and says something to her
I'm so glad she's willing to defend herself  and proud of myself for my patience.

So they did a little photo shoot and here are her poses.

And here's one of her and a party attendee


My daughter and I did makeovers before the sleepover started and here are my photos. Her blue lipstick got lost in translation somewhere. 

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  1. Lol. I'm tripping off the different escape routes. Lol.