Friday, November 21, 2014


Hello again! Last Thursday, I traveled to Nashville with my girl, Model Honey to support her in her role in the ABC TV Series Nashville.  The journey was pretty interesting and makes for a decent short story. We arrived an hour and twenty minutes before call time and they had a plethora of tasteless breakfast buffet available to actors and crew. I was a little disappointed in that. Eww! I know people say pretty food doesn't taste good, but can we compromise somewhere. Most of the food was just plain nasty but the biscuits seemed like something to feed someone just so they know they ate because they were completely tasteless. I've never witnessed anything like that, but I was satisfied with the Ocean Spray Cranberry juice. The bottled water even lacked.

But doesn't it look nice? Well those Craisins were mighty tasty, but I also have a slight obsession with them.

     After breakfast, however, I learned that I couldn't be on set unless they used me as an actress, so I was offered a role myself. I accepted, but after getting to this beautiful mansion and realizing that I could be just as cool sitting in the house compared to shooting outdoors where it was snowing, I opted for that role instead by remaining lowkey. I was so sleepy after driving to Nashville on no sleep the night before that just seemed like the perfect thing for me to do. So I moved to the fireplace and got snug after drinking my hot chocolate that was given to me. After the filming and my mini nap, we visited TSU. That was my first visit there and I think I was just as out of place as I've been on any college campus, but those students seemed a lot more...I don't even know the word but I was just on a campus last year working a tour. Anyway, we traveled to Murfreesboro after that and then headed back to Memphis only to find ourselves with car issues trapped only an hour and a half away from the Memphis borderline. After spending hours stuck at a nearby exit in Jackson, TN, I got hungry again and ordered Denny's. This is the second time I've had their food and it wasn't appeasing to my appetite, but it wasn't horrible so I guess I won't complain. It was about 2:30am before we made it back to Memphis and I was dreadfully missing my toddler, but I still wouldn't get to see her until after sunrise because I didn't want to disturb her by picking her up and bringing her out into the freezing cold. I can feel the weather just thinking about it. I was getting a headache from the weather but then I would have hot flashes. I was miserable and honestly glad to get home even though I didn't get much sleep until the next evening since I had an event to look forward to. 
      However, we survived and here are a few good photos from the trip. I hope you enjoy! Until next time, please follow me on Twitter and IG @supermodeldom. I'm also on Facebook. SD on FB

Riding on a school bus heading to set with Honey. It's been years since I've been on one. Still the same.

Exterior of the house
This is the character Deacon's house on the show 

 Chilling on set prior to my nap

The kitchen

Beautiful vaulted ceiling right above the dining table

The warm fireplace

Leaving after filming

Just because it's a long way down LOL
Oh and I love my boots!

Two actors (on the outside) talking to one of the producers about the show

My hot chocolate

 Oh, and please believe I didn't leave without my lemonade. #Fave

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  1. I had so much fun on our mini trip even though we got stuck. I'm glad you came with me and to have you as a friend. Thanks!