Friday, June 6, 2014

Don "DC" Curry Weekend

      This weekend at Chuckles Comedy House, the headliner was Don "DC" Curry who may be most known for his role as Uncle Elroy in the Friday movie collection. It was really a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with him. He was hilarious on and off the stage. We took photos together. I took photos for him and his fans.

By the end of the weekend, he asked me, "what happened to the picture we took last night?" 
I said, "I printed it off for you." 
He replied, "Well, shit, give it here. I had to use my imagination last night."
I gave him the photo and he said, "mmm mmm mmm. This is a nice picture.  I'ma have to blow this up and make wall paper with this. Will you marry me?"
I laughed and said, I appreciate the offer, but unfortunately, I'm going to decline."
His manager said, "naw she can't marry you. She ain't asked me yet."
Then DC said, "don't you listen to that old man." 
Then the manager said, "I got my picture yesterday. My picture had the look of love." 
There was more conversation. I packed up and got my things and they all walked me to my car and everyone left. It was a very fun but stressful weekend. But you can check out the crazy side to this weekend in my other post #WhyMyFriday by clicking on it.

Recap in Photos

My friend,make-up artist and model Honey & I between shows
She stopped by after attending a fashion show.
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 Don "DC" Curry's manager/friend & I 
The "look of love" photo (lol)

A photo I had to make my good friend & businessman Tim Bachus take
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 Big Bills from Bills Baby Ent and I 

Comedian B.T. Kingsley and I being silly
 Comedian/Actor Don "DC" Curry at the bar after the show


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