Monday, June 23, 2014

Riddle Me This

     Well the weekend has finally come that Comedian Christian Finnegan has arrived! Who??? (you say) As I've described to everyone who has asked, he's the white guy that plays Terry Crews best friend on the TV show Are We There Yet? What? The TV show that's the spinoff of the Ice Cube movie Are We There Yet? And then the part that kills me is when they sound like they know what show I'm talking about and then they don't. LOL Anyway, he's that man! Well you may not know him, but he's pretty cool and I laugh every time he says "vahooha." He also complimented me by saying, "you have the prettiest hair in the world." Why thanks!
     Anyway, Comedian Rickey Smiley happens to be at the Cannon Center on the same Friday night. I check social media and guess who people are talking about online. Well I can say this, my personal weekend has been pretty stress free and I am glad to say that it stayed that way. I really enjoyed the shows and I met new comedians this weekend as well.
     On the final day, Christian came and told me, "you switch the music up every night." I replied, "yeah." He said, "that's a good thing. I looked on your Twitter and I saw that you do some modeling." I said, "yeah.." It's always amazing when someone checks out your work. Let that be motivation to someone today, to keep moving forward if you were considering quitting.

Recap in Photos

 Before Thursday's show looking like I'm shooting for a CD cover
I love this photo though.

Headliner Christian Finnegan and I in between shows on Friday night

Christian and Charlotte
Christian: People are going to say he has a drinking problem. He had drinks in both pictures.

Before Saturday night's show I switched my look up


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  1. Amazing as ever. Glad the weekend was awesome for you. Keep being the amazing person I have come to know and expect you to be. Stay grounded and the sky will be the limit... no!!... space will be the highest you can achieve and will achieve. You are STELLAR!!!!