Thursday, June 5, 2014


     This blog is specifically inspired by incidents occurring this past Friday, May 30, 2014 and the mini stat I posted on Facebook with the hashtag #WhyMyFriday to highlight the madness. That day only got worse. So here I am to tell the full story. 

      After returning home from visiting my friend, I saw a MLGW service suspension notice on the neighbor's door. It wasn't my business so I kept going. I got in my house and tried to wash my hands and I had no water. So I called MLGW to fix the situation and after going in circles to talk to someone, the lady tried to explain to me that I hadn't had power in months and I asked then why am I paying a bill every month. I was trying to explain that I had power, but the water got turned off with the neighbor's and she said, "oh, well, it seems to be an error on our behalf. You'll need to be home for them to reconnect the power." That was crazy to me because I wasn't there when they disconnected it. Then some random dude was walking swiftly to my door and started grabbing the handle. I snatched the door and said, "yes." He said, "aye, you know who got that loud?" I said, "I sure don't." He said, "aaight," and walked off. What in the fuxxery?
      But moving forward, I ended up getting a last minute call about someone keeping my daughter for the weekend. I packed her stuff so she could go to that. Then I went on a date that I was asked to go on at a place I didn't want to go and I ended up having to pay for that. I came home before the storm and got dressed for work. I headed to work and work was fine.  But then someone broke into my car and broke my window. They stole all of my personal stuff and actually left brand new stuff. They broke my window which I couldn't get fixed until Monday so it rained in my car.

Other than that, I had an amazing time at work. I was afforded the opportunity to talk to my newly made comedian friends again as well as meet and work with Comedian/Actor Don "DC" Curry. He was hilarious. He asked me to play Johnny Guitar Watson and Stevie Wonder for him. Then he asked if I knew who they were. I said, "I'm not that young." 

All I can really say is let the repression begin because I can't figure out #WhyMyFriday.

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