Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Week of 13

    If you're curious about the title of this blog it's because this weekend included Friday, June 13, 2014. Nothing fancy, but I will still get my point across. My weekend started on Thursday, with taking my daughter to get registered for school and driving around the city with other errands. Later in the evening, I returned to my hotel room and got ready to go DJ for a comedy show at Chuckles Comedy House with headliner Comedian Steve Brown. While I was getting dressed, I looked out the window and noticed that I had parked next to the car police had surrounded during a drug bust so I had to wait until they moved to get to my car. By then they begun raiding their room. That was more adventure than I needed after the random guy the night before spent fifteen minutes knocking on my door talking about "Aye bro, it's me Cody." lol It had been storming but I made a safely to my destination. I had a few technical difficulties prior to the show starting but I got everything under control in time. 
     On Friday, I went to the doctor then back to school registration to finish some paperwork for my daughter which took no longer than all damn day for me to fill out 3 pieces of paper. Man, they really have figured out how to waste your life to go through such a long process to get into school. Then they ended up telling me I had to come back Monday. UGH! Whatever. I dropped my daughter off. And then I finished paperwork for another gig and then headed to the comedy club for the second night. The first show of the night was fine but by the second I ended up having to switch computers mid show and use my cellphone and make this smooth transition. After the second show, I went to drop off something on the opposite side of town and then took it in. Saturday, I checked out of my hotel and went home and then eventually got dressed for my gig as a mascot handler. That was an amazing event and it was a great experience - even though I lost $20. I had the honor of working with Limu Energy and the BluFrog Energy drink. They had a success training and some sort of awards show which looked like a concert. It was very nice. I had the opportunity to go on stage with the CEO while we gave away prizes which led to me being offered a business opportunity after the event. I went to deliver money for my daughter and then I headed to the comedy show. What an eventful day! 
     On Sunday, I got a little rest and then it was back to the comedy club for the final show. The last show was interesting. Steve Brown and I had the final debate about his show music. I was like you keep telling me you're not the nice comedian, but I'm not the nice DJ. We argued the whole weekend about his music, but we worked it out anyway. He kept being mean to me while trying to convince the other people that I was the problem. lol. Oh well, we still had fun. 
     Needless to say, I did more working than sleeping this weekend, but I survived it. The struggle is always real. The people that I get to work with are interesting and of course they make for great stories.Now it's time for...

Recap in Photos

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 Kenneth and I 
He's definitely serious with these facial expressions

Q: Who's Kenneth? 
A: The first guy to give you attitude at the door. LOL

 Testing the lighting on the camera with priceless body language

 Posing with Charlotte

 Talking while Charlotte poses

 My mugshot with Charlotte lol 
I have no idea what I was doing, but we laughed at this photo all weekend.

 Comedian Ambrose Jones III & I

 Comedian AC and I
He made me laugh on the first picture.

 Headliner Comedian Steve Brown and I

 with Big Bills of Bills Baby Ent.

 Comedian Ambrose hosting
IG: @ambrosejonesiii

#LimuNation #LimuLive #Memphis 
Limu Energy/Blu Frog Energy Drink 

 Shout out to Trent as BluFrog


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